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About Me

Hi! I am Phylecia Jones.

My photography journey started because I needed a hobby. I have dabbled in many things over my lifetime... professional cheerleading, dancing, shirt designing, scrapbooking, and knitting. And yes, it took me one year to make a scarf. 

When I took early retirement at 36 years old from being a Computer Scientist for the US Navy, I put everything into launching and running my first business. IT STRESSED ME OUT. I knew I needed an outlet to not think about everyday life, but the traditional hobbies bored the crap out of me. Then I remembered my first love... TRAVEL. I have photos from years of travel to amazing places. Hiking in Bhutan, backpacking the Sierra Nevadas, sailing in Florida, camping in Banff, beer tasting in Copenhagen, working in Poland, exploring Italy, wanderlusting in London, RV road trips, and endless voyages to US national parks. 

I realized what I needed was in front of me... I just needed to see it all from a different perspective and share the photos with the world.

By day, I am the Founder and Lead Researcher of a company called iFind You Close and managing my brand, Keep Up with Mrs. Jones. I am the co-host of the Humans Exhaust Me podcast. Currently, I am the resident expert on Travel Entrepreneurship for the Wanderful travel community. My other contributions include Travel Noire, Color Me World, TEDx, TED Radio Hour, and other platforms. But when it is time to hit the road... you can find me with my Panasonic Lumix, Sony Xperia1, getting ready for an epic adventure.

Upcoming Locations:

Spanish Fort, Alabama

Port St. Joe, Florida

My Gear

The majority of my photos are shot with my mirrorless, Panasonic Lumix G85. When I am traveling, or hiking, and want to keep things light, I use my mobile phone. My current device is a Sony Xperia1... which I LOVE! 

My Style... Landscape and Travel

I am all about the humanless photos! LOL! Since most of my photos are from my travels, the majority will be around hiking, camping or kayaking adventures. I love cloud formations, closeups of plant life and have a thing for sunsets over water.  When I am exploring city life, I typically go for street art or things that depict everyday living. My editing is all in Light Room with light touches.

Yes. All photos can be purchased and I am for hire!

Of course... feel free to buy photos from the site. They are perfect for travel bloggers, digital articles or wanting to share great shots on your social media platforms. 

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