Getting Back into the Grind of Working

Friday, January 6th, 202

Sunset over Mobile Bay

Sunset over Mobile Bay

Meahar State Park Pier
Spanish Fort, AL

First... I have to say this location (Meahar State Park) is picturesque, and I am loving it. I still have not taken the camera out yet because I need to charge my batteries and get my memory cards together, but so far, the phone has been doing a great job.

Now the problem I am having is that I need to get back into working. I planned to take time off during the holidays, and I did work off on, but that time has run out. Yay and ugh at the same time. 

Yay, because I love what I do, and it brings some joy.

Ugh, because I am so ready to get lost in cameras and building this new website.

I wasn't planning on working on the website so much, but here we are, and the new photos I have taken have given me inspiration. So you can see how I am torn. Launch the new shiny toy or get back to what makes me money. 

Yeah... get back to the money maker. I am so happy that my content has been scheduled out for a month, so all I have to do is give my time to research, and then I can play.

Nevertheless... I am just so grateful that I can work this way while seeing so many amazing things.

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