Going with the Flow Choosing the Next Location

Friday, January 13th

Sunset Between the Trees

Sunset Between the Trees

Meahar State Park
Spanish Fort, AL

Today felt like our first experience of RV living. 

A while back, I reached out on a RV Facebook forum asking full-time (non-permanent) people how they scheduled their time on the road. Some said 3-6 months in advance. Others said 3 days. Yeah... I was shook because I did not realize people just winged it like that.

We went back and forth on the best strategy for us. We figured for popular places or times of the year; we needed to book in advance. For example, Florida in the Winter needs about a year. Other than those locations, we will just kind of go with the flow.

Well, we pre-planned up until March, and so now is the time to make some decisions because the Gulf Shores is a pretty popular during Spring Break. You can definitely tell we are out on the loop of what typical families travel. 

But we did get lucky and booked a few weeks in Biloxi, MS, and I will be spending my birthday in New Orleans. I am looking forward to this. I have no idea what to expect in Mississippi... hopefully clean water.

Planning like this does seem to make the time go fast because it is almost time for us to move again and get closer to the beach.

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