Moving Day to the Beach

Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

Take it Out & Play

Take it Out & Play

Community Bicycles
Old Salt RV Park
Port St. Joe, FL

It is really starting to sink in that we are really doing this full-time RV life. The time spent in Spanish Fort made me take a different look at Alabama. Unfortunately, the state has been complicit in doing some not-so-great things (basically evil sh$t) over the years, and it is too bad that the leaders chose those paths versus playing up some of the beautiful landscapes in the state. Oh well... maybe when the planet rewinds, people will choose to do better. I doubt it, though.

Nevertheless, the area was lovely, but today was moving day. 

We packed up and headed south along the beach into Florida and landed in Port St. Joe. We are in an odd place that is right on a county line which means we are currently in the Central Time zone but across the street is the Eastern Time zone... and around the corner, we are in Mexico Beach. It's a bit funny because we get to choose a time zone. LOL

For a bit of history, Mexico Beach was basically destroyed in 2018 by Hurricane Michael. 17-foot storm surges and winds battered the coastline... which is the town. You can definitely tell the area is still recovering. Most buildings are new or still under construction. Hopefully, our visit helps to support the people in town. It is a stark difference from where we were the last couple of weeks. This does feel like a sleepy beach town, and that works for me. My next task is to find some places to go kayaking.

But as far as this RV life is going... I am loving the idea of moving somewhere new. I am sure there will be days that make me question things, but I will take this day of joy because my morning walks will be on the beach!

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