Self-Reflecting While Reading Spare by Prince Harry

Saturday, January 14th, 2023

Sunrise Over Mobile Bay

Sunrise Over Mobile Bay

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Well, I jumped on the bandwagon and picked up Spare by Prince Harry on my Kindle. I saw a lot of the snippets being taken out of context and even had some semi-debates with people that had heavy opinions (basically, they were haters) who have not read the book. So, I figured I would see what he actually had to say.

Granted, I have been following the Harry and Meghan story as if it was a Kardashian reunion, and I have been quite entertained by the toxicness of the Royal Family.

Anyway, I am not completely done with the book, but so far... it has made me do more reflecting on my childhood and how I processed information. Trust me, I know most people are reading this book looking for tea to be spilled or to throw stones at him, but for me, it just has me thinking.

His journey of processing his mom's death over his formative years had me thinking about whether I was aware of my thoughts and feelings in middle and high school. I know I had some deep feelings growing up, but having to think about this as an adult is slightly eye-opening to me.

I look at my life right now and my love for traveling... or rather, my love for just experiencing something new and trying to understand where it all came from.

I know it did not come from just anywhere. Maybe that one trip to Atlanta to visit Six Flags with my grandparents. Or maybe my first solo flight at 8 years old to spend the summer with my cousins in Cleveland. Or maybe the road trip with my Dad to Buffalo to visit aunts and uncles I never met. I guess these little blips make up how you make the decisions that you do make later in life.

That is the theme I have picked up reading Spare. These small and sometimes significant little blips just create how you see the world. His mom dying, his perceived lack of affection from family, his rage, his need for structure, and his need to be loved really have set his life on a path to discovering himself among the chaos. I definitely could never live his life cause it is chaos.

It also made me realize that communication is a very thin line that most of walk but never really explore. Most of us will never have some of these extremely mature adult conversations with family so they can understand us and we can understand them. So all we are left with are our viewpoints. No right or wrong... just our view.

I do appreciate him giving his viewpoint and his story is... his story.

I remember reading a book, A Day Late and a Dollar Short, by Terry McMillan. My memory is a little rough on what the book is about, but I do remember it being about a family with two parents and five adult kids, and they were never really on the same page. I was in middle school when I read her book, and the one thing that struck me from a passage was that just because you have people all living and growing up in the same house does not mean they have the same viewpoint from the same experience. 

Ugh... this sounds like a book report. LOL

But, the book reminds me of viewpoints, self-reflection, and how we can experience things very differently from the person standing next to us. Life is a crazy thing at times.

Overall, the book is well done. I don't read memoirs on a regular basis. The last one I read (listened to rather) was Becoming by Michelle Obama.  Most people's lives aren't that interesting to me, but every now and then, I am curious how someone got to where they are in life. I also appreciate that Prince Harry was honest with where he was and did not paint a filtered version of his life.

So, I am going to keep reflecting on how I got to this point in my life. I doubt I will write a memoir but it is always cool to understand yourself a bit more.

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