Seriously... Go Touch Some Sand

Wednesday, January 18th, 2023

Waves on the Beach

Waves on the Beach

Mexico Beach, FL

I love the kids and their saying...  Go touch some grass.

You typically see or hear this saying toward someone who seems to have lost their grip on reality. It basically means it is time to get off the internet and go outside.

Right now, I get to wake up and take my morning walks on the beach, and today I was just reminded that too many of us don't go outside enough. I think this is why so many people  get caught up in grievance politics, live in a state of stress, get mad just to be mad, try to achieve unattainable goals, and hate people in the name of a higher power... so I love when the kids say, "go touch some grass."

I would like to amend this to say touch some sand, dirt, water, grass... LOL

Anything to get you connected back to the earth. I think consumerism has ruled so much of our lives we don't know how to slow down and relax. This is one reason why I love traveling to places that make me slow down.

My first trip to Yosemite National Park was a reminder that I am a small entity on this planet and the world is bigger than I could ever think. So, my walk on the beach while looking at the ocean (yes... I know the Gulf of Mexico is not an ocean, but that is what I was thinking), I was just reminded that the world is bigger than what others want us to believe.

I definitely know this journey of downsizing, minimalizing, and becoming nomadic has really made me realize that we are so encouraged to spend our money on stuff that is meaningless at times, influenced to believe things that go against our own self-interests, and to live in a state of "go, more, now" that we are just living on burned out fumes.

So today, I am so glad I got to touch some sand. I always appreciate these reminders to tune back into reality, slow down, and just enjoy this very long but short life that I get to live.

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