Starting the Journey in Meahar

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023

Meaher State Park

Meaher State Park

Spanish Fort, Al

Okay... the journey began when we hit the road for Birmingham, AL, but now it feels like it has actually started. I definitely enjoyed spending nearly two months with my family, but I am pretty excited to stretch my legs on this epic life trip.

Today, we arrived at Meahar State Park in Spanish Fort, AL, and I have something shameful to admit... I am born and raised in Alabama, but I have never visited anywhere south of Montgomery, AL. LOL

It's pretty crazy that everyone in my family has been down this way except for me. I guess after 20+ years of living in other places and traveling to places around the world, I guess I had to make my way here on my own time. So far, I love what I am seeing.

I was getting a bit "blue" because I had not pulled out my camera since our last road trip in September. Unfortunately, the RV stops on the way from Colorado and where we were staying in Birmingham did not lend themselves to beautiful views as soon as you walked out the door. And there were days that were so bone chilling cold I just wrapped myself in blankets and stayed inside. My hopes were pretty high about coming to this place... and especially since it was on the water.

Glad to say, the first impression did not disappoint. This park has everything I am looking for water views, kayak launch, nature trails, easy walking areas for the dog, and tons of shots that deserve my camera. Ha! Ha!

I cannot wait to get out the camera and start dreaming up some photo projects to share.

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