Tornadoes, Thunderstorms, and Lightning

Wednesday, January 4th, 2023

Cloudy Skies Over Mobile Bay

Cloudy Skies Over Mobile Bay

Meahar State Park
Spanish Fort, AL

Last night... rather earlier this morning, was a rough one. A series of thunderstorms and tornado watches came out of Mississippi when we hit the road yesterday. We escaped them by leaving early and going in the opposite direction of where they were heading. Granted, we knew from early reports that the Mobile Bay area was going to get hit overnight, so we planned, checked weather forecasts, and hoped for the best.

Thankfully, nothing happened, but when a storm comes in overnight, it does cause me to lose some sleep these days when in the RV. In a house, I was not as worried, but being in a structure (that I lovingly call the tuna can) that has no roots to the ground makes things a bit more interesting.

Every wind gust is felt, and every drop of rain on the roof is magnified, which makes me get all up in my weather alert feelings... especially when you have a night that rotates between severe weather alerts, tornado watch, flash flood warnings, and thunderstorm warnings. 

When the first alert came through the husband's phone, around 3 am, I have not been able to get back to sleep, so it is safe to say it is going to be a rough work day.

I knew I would become a weather expert after taking sailing lessons and attending a seminar, but now I see the importance of staying on top of the weather while we are traveling. Also, the husband has never been through tornado watches and warnings, so he got a quick education on staying alert.

Now the birds are starting to chirp, and the sun will appear for a few hours, but the tornado watch is in effect until 12pm today. If you grew up living through tornadoes, the beautifully calm weather before the storm is so deceiving. So, I will be on alert, probably sleepy, and wishing I did not detest drinking coffee because I need some manufactured energy today.

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