What I Miss... Flowers

January 5th, 2023

Roses from Bouqs

Roses from Bouqs

Last night I realized I really miss getting flowers. 

Years ago, I had a friend mention that she picks up a bouquet of roses every week from the grocery, and of course, my brain was like... that's a great idea. Also, my brain never put in the effort to make it happen. When I was younger and first living on my own, I flirted with this idea, but for some reason, it seemed like an expensive luxury.

Plus, wasn't my mine supposed to by me flowers? HAAAAAA! HAAAAA! HAAAAAA!


Anyway, like most things, it went on a list of things to do someday.

Well, roll around to 2020 and all of the craziness, I wanted just to bring some visual happiness into my life. I searched around on the internet for a flower delivery company, because you can get everything at your doorstep now. There are quite a few flower subscription services, but I settled on Bouqs.

I have been in love ever since.

Every two weeks, since April 2020, I have had flowers delivered to my doorstep, and it really did bring me joy to have something so colorful in the home. Now, hubby acted like it wasn't a big deal, but he definitely took notice of the flowers and started making notes of his preferences. LOL

Well... since we have gone full-time in the RV, I had to cancel the subscription. Not really having a stable address for weeks at a time and trying to do the timing of when to have things delivered started to be a headache.

I have been looking for other options. Yes, every now and then, I pick up a bouquet from the grocery store but mental cheapness goes to the ones that are... cheap and look it. For some reason, my brain has not processed that I should spend the money on the $30 bouquet... even though I paid more for the subscription flowers.

I know... the logic makes absolutely no sense what so over. Also, I miss the fun varieties that I would get from the service. 

As I am on this RV journey, I am settling into the fact that some of my suburban conveniences will not be at my fingertips (which is great because I think we had an intimate relationship with Amazon at times). Now, I am trying to look more locally for shops that sell single-stem flowers or weekend markets with various stems to choose from. Yes... it is winter, so I have to wait a while for the farmer's market but hunting down wholesale flower marts is about to be a thing.

Or I can suck it up and just go to the grocery store. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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